Having a specialist ‘on the road’ accountant means that however messy things get, the one thing that won’t be in a mess is your finances.

Promoter settlements

Hard-won experience shows us it’s best to treat every settlement as a mini forensic audit. Keeping promoters honest is what we do best.


Not all shows are equal! We build very very detailed budgets which we then can then summarise in any number of ways as suits your needs.

Central Withholding Agreements

Touring North America? Unless you plan ahead, you’re in for a painful shock. Without careful pre-planning, taxes can cut into your funds by up to 30%.

Withholding Tax

We plan ahead to both help reduce the taxes withheld at source and then to utilise them against your home taxes. All in all, a nasty business.

Online payment approval systems

When funds need to be paid in one country but approved in another, maybe even a different time zone, life gets complex. Our online systems take away the stress.

Paying local suppliers

One of the trickiest aspects of being on tour is making sure suppliers get paid when they should. Failure to do = show in jeopardy.

Band & Crew

Happy crew, happy tour - but there are multiple tax and employment law issues that can make your crew miserable. Let Bullocks turn those frowns upside down.

Tour intranet

Get organised by uploading itineraries, daysheets, riders etc. to one secure site - coming soon.


Adrian Bullock
Director - Bullocks Touring
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