Our range of royalty services aim to ensure you get what’s rightfully yours, whatever your revenue stream.

Royalty Audit

Are you a victim of under-accounting? Get a full forensic analysis of your royalty activity and contractual provisions and we’ll find out what is due.

Bespoke royalty management systems

Your royalty scenario is as individual as your music - that’s why we have the tools to deal with any type of royalty arrangement that you have entered into.

Statement Review

Royalty statements can often be a head-scratcher – but not to us. We are here to identify any anomalies within your accountings as well as highlighting any potential areas of concern.

Catalogue Valuation

Music copyrights can be valuable assets, but knowing how much they are worth is tricky. We can assist in crunching the numbers and coming up with an accurate valuation.



Kashif Khan
Director - Bullocks Royalty Services
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