Neighbouring Rights

Getting every penny you are owed from recorded music performance royalties is an issue that continues to grow and grow. Being proactive, robust, and insightful is the only way to ensure that all of your copyrights are accurately registered and your money ends up where it belongs.

We have longstanding relationships with societies around the globe and we understand the nuances each of them has. Don’t sign your international rights away to one society, let us register you directly.

Neighbouring Rights Collection

Who polices the policeman? Us. We register you directly with the individual societies around the world. Direct membership allows us to investigate and lobby the societies to make sure you are properly remunerated. From session musicians to contracted artists, we will take care of your recorded performance income.

Registering Recordings

Do you own your own copyrights? We will register your tracks with the PPL and equivalent organisations globally - then ensure you get your money. We will ensure your discographies are complete and accurate worldwide.


Frank Walshe
Director - Bullocks Rights Management
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