Frank Walshe


Frank Walshe

Director / Bullocks Rights Management
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Frank heads up rights management, as well as leading many successful projects on catalogue acquisition, artist renegotiations, and royalty consultancy.

He’s been with Bullocks since 2007. Prior to that he had an eight year stint in artist management, which taught him how the music industry really works. Before that, Frank’s life was dominated by the noble pursuits of playing ice hockey and collecting vinyl.

Frank is the biggest music geek of a musically geeky bunch. The sheer volume of pub quiz points he has accrued down the years stands testament to this. His punctilious nature is his biggest strength, whether it is recalling a catalogue number, dissecting a contract clause or making yet another bust serving as Bullocks’ Grammar Police.

Frank’s ‘Desert Island’ record labels are Stax, Atlantic, and Motown and his most memorable all time gig was Suede in Toronto in 1993. If he went on Mastermind his chosen specialist subject would be “T-Rex albums and singles” or “Stanley Cup Champions 1967-2000.”

Most of his party tricks involve a hockey puck in some way - skills he feels are lost on a British audience, but are guaranteed show-stoppers back home in Canada.

Away from work, Frank supports Arsenal and the Toronto Maple Leafs – both of which can be quite trying at times. Above all though, his favourite thing to do is watch Saturday morning cartoons with his children, and his idea of the perfect holiday is to be back in Canada for Christmas, with the snow falling, and family all around.

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