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Adrian Bullock

Director / Bullocks Touring
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Ade Bullock’s greatest strengths are his relentlessly positive outlook and his utter OCD about giving clients the very best service - even when they’re not looking.
In 1999, Ade was in his seventh year working for royalty audit firm Stephen Abery & Co. when the urge to ‘go solo’ burned too bright to ignore. 17 years later, not only is Bullocks still standing, it’s thriving - which Ade ranks as single biggest achievement of his career.

His second “favourite” professional moment was appearing on stage with Robbie Williams’ wearing only an ill-fitting pair of Rock DJ pants and a giant fibreglass Robbie head. (Auckland November 2015 - Photos not available on request). In between, there have huge ground-breaking projects for Radiohead and Daft Punk, working with a legion of respected artists and comedians - and lots of laughs along the way.

Before all this, Ade worked variously as a wannabe theatrical producer, radio DJ and a piano dealer…he brought his enthusiastic and principled approach to all of these roles, but had to wait until he took up royalty auditing and tour accounting to finally find something he was, allegedly, good at.

Ade has two party tricks: falling asleep in sonic conditions above 105 decibels, and juggling - although sadly not at the same time. If he were to go on Mastermind he’d fancy his chances on the specialist subjects of “Radiohead Setlists” and Jo Nesbo’s “Harry Hole” novels.

Ade loves rock, alternative and electronica, with particular soft spots for Maccabees, Django Django, Kraftwerk and of course, Radiohead. The first record he ever bought was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody when he was 8, to say sorry to his big brother for ‘accidentally’ snapping his copy into four pieces.

Ade’s most fondly-remembered gigs are the Housemartins (Bristol ’83), Crowded House (Hamburg 93) and Presidents of the USA (SxSW in 2000-ish). His go-to record labels are Warp, Factory and On-U.

Away from leading Bullocks, he supports Medway RFC and Bristol City FC, loves audio books, pontificating on politics and encouraging young people into the arts.

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