Kashif Khan

Director / Bullocks Royalty Services
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Kash has been a Director at Bullocks since 2006. Before that he worked for various reputable accountancy and audit practices.

At Bullocks, he busies himself with attracting new clients and driving the company forward. He is proud to have worked with many high profile clients, but his fear of corporate espionage prevents him telling you who they are. Where he is absolutely fearless, however, is when he’s taking on large audit projects and hunting down royalties.

When he’s not glad-handing for new business or exhuming buried royalties, he likes to get funky: his favourite artists are Michael Jackson, Prince & Daft Punk, and his favourite gig was MJ at Wembley, 1988.

His colleagues describe him as “funny in the face of adversity” He still feels that if fate hadn’t dealt him a bad run of injuries, he would be bossing the midfield for West Ham with 15/20 assists a season.

Fortunately his knees are still good for playing squash and doing yoga. If he went on Mastermind “knowing all the best curry houses in East London,” would be his chosen specialist subject.

Kash is a well-rounded conversationalist: he can be diplomatic, empathetic and sarcastic all in the same sentence. Sarcastic diplomacy is such a niche skill these days, with so few top-flight practitioners.