Adrian Bullock

Director / Bullocks Touring
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Ade Bullock’s greatest strengths are his relentlessly positive outlook and his utter OCD about giving clients the very best service - even when they’re not looking.
In 1999, Ade was in his seventh year working for royalty audit firm Stephen Abery & Co. when the urge to ‘go solo’ burned too bright to ignore. 17 years later, not only is Bullocks still standing, it’s thriving - which Ade ranks as single biggest achievement of his career.

His second “favourite” professional moment was appearing on stage with Robbie Williams’ wearing only an ill-fitting pair of Rock DJ pants and a giant fibreglass Robbie head. (Auckland November 2015 - Photos not available on request). In between, there have huge ground-breaking projects for Radiohead and Daft Punk, working with a legion of respected artists and comedians - and lots of laughs along the way.

Before all this, Ade worked variously as a wannabe theatrical producer, radio DJ and a piano dealer…he brought his enthusiastic and principled approach to all of these roles, but had to wait until he took up royalty auditing and tour accounting to finally find something he was, allegedly, good at.

Ade has two party tricks: falling asleep in sonic conditions above 105 decibels, and juggling - although sadly not at the same time. If he were to go on Mastermind he’d fancy his chances on the specialist subjects of “Radiohead Setlists” and Jo Nesbo’s “Harry Hole” novels.

Ade loves rock, alternative and electronica, with particular soft spots for Maccabees, Django Django, Kraftwerk and of course, Radiohead. The first record he ever bought was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody when he was 8, to say sorry to his big brother for ‘accidentally’ snapping his copy into four pieces.

Ade’s most fondly-remembered gigs are the Housemartins (Bristol ’83), Crowded House (Hamburg 93) and Presidents of the USA (SxSW in 2000-ish). His go-to record labels are Warp, Factory and On-U.

Away from leading Bullocks, he supports Medway RFC and Bristol City FC, loves audio books, pontificating on politics and encouraging young people into the arts.

Kashif Khan

Director / Bullocks Royalty Services
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Kash has been a Director at Bullocks since 2006. Before that he worked for various reputable accountancy and audit practices.

At Bullocks, he busies himself with attracting new clients and driving the company forward. He is proud to have worked with many high profile clients, but his fear of corporate espionage prevents him telling you who they are. Where he is absolutely fearless, however, is when he’s taking on large audit projects and hunting down royalties.

When he’s not glad-handing for new business or exhuming buried royalties, he likes to get funky: his favourite artists are Michael Jackson, Prince & Daft Punk, and his favourite gig was MJ at Wembley, 1988.

His colleagues describe him as “funny in the face of adversity” He still feels that if fate hadn’t dealt him a bad run of injuries, he would be bossing the midfield for West Ham with 15/20 assists a season.

Fortunately his knees are still good for playing squash and doing yoga. If he went on Mastermind “knowing all the best curry houses in East London,” would be his chosen specialist subject.

Kash is a well-rounded conversationalist: he can be diplomatic, empathetic and sarcastic all in the same sentence. Sarcastic diplomacy is such a niche skill these days, with so few top-flight practitioners.

Frank Walshe

Director / Bullocks Rights Management
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Frank heads up rights management, as well as leading many successful projects on catalogue acquisition, artist renegotiations, and royalty consultancy.
He’s been with Bullocks since 2007. Prior to that he had an eight year stint in artist management, which taught him how the music industry really works. Before that, Frank’s life was dominated by the noble pursuits of playing ice hockey and fetishising vinyl.

Frank is the biggest music geek of a musically geeky bunch. The sheer volume of pub quiz points he has accrued down the years stands testament to this. His punctilious nature is his biggest strength, whether it is recalling a catalogue number, dissecting a contract clause or making yet another bust serving as Bullocks’ Grammar Police.

Frank’s fastidious attention to detail seems a relatively new thing: as a child, the first record he ever bought was Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild, but he confesses he was actually trying to buy the disco floor filler Born to Be Alive. (A happy accident, Born to Be Wild being a much cooler record, long term).

Frank’s ‘Desert Island’ record labels are Stax, Atlantic, and Motown and his most memorable all time gig was Suede in Toronto in 1993. If he went on Mastermind his chosen specialist subject would be “T-Rex albums and singles” or “Stanley Cup Champions 1967-2000.”

Most of his party tricks involve a hockey puck in some way - skills he feels are lost on a British audience, but are guaranteed show-stoppers back home in Canada.

Away from work, Frank supports The Arsenal and the Toronto Maple Leafs – both of which can be quite trying at times. Above all though, his favourite thing to do is watch Saturday morning cartoons with his daughter, and his idea of the perfect holiday is to be back in Canada for Christmas, with the snow falling, with family all around.

Liz Pacleb

Royalty Audit Manager / Tour Accounting Assistant
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Liz is the original intern who never left, literally joining Bullocks the second her Music and Media Management BA dissertation was handed in. That was in 2007.

Since then, she’s led a dual working life, handling both royalty audits and tour accounting. She even has a roadie name on tour, the crew all call her ‘Minibean’. The highlights of her Bullocks career so far have been travelling the world with Radiohead and Robbie Williams, for whom she also performs autocue duties. She is also involved in the load in/load out - yes we know, Liz’s energy levels know no bounds!

Back at HQ, she manages audits, analyses royalty statements, databases and contracts. She takes great pride her work, making forensic accounting look easy - and always beautifully presented.

Her favourite ever gig is Radiohead in Melbourne 2012, because the lighting designer Andi Watson let her do part of the lights for Idioteque, which she’ll never ever forget. Her greatest holiday hit was hiring a camper van and road tripping around New Zealand in 2015.

As for her Mastermind chosen specialist subject, it would be the Eddie Murphy film ‘Coming to America’.

She has a reputation as the office feeder, which she tries to offset by burning as many calories as she can in the gym…hence her motto: “Get fit or die tryin’”. However, she burns even more calories on the dance floor!

Liz’s first vinyl purchase was the reggae hit, ‘Tease Me’ by Chaka Demus and Pliers. But now her true love is 70s/80s disco and the one and only Stevie Wonder. Asked to describe herself in three words she said, “Can I have four? …You. Me. The Disco.”

Stephanie Skinner

Royalties Assistant
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Steph likes to whistle while she works - pop songs mostly. The pop bug bit her early when she bought her first record, Mel C and Bryan Adams’ When You’re Gone.

This dedication to quality music led her to Bullocks straight out of college (where she got A-levels in Media, Sociology and Geography, all of which come in handy when she’s working on royalty projects).

She’s been with Bullocks since 2012, first starting off with admin duties and later taking on more royalty audit work. She revelled in the extra responsibility, carving out a reputation as a reliable, adaptable problem solver.

One problem she wishes she could solve is Andy Carroll’s injury record – she’s an avid West Ham United fan and season ticket holder, screaming them on every week.
Steph loves getting her wellies on and hitting festivals: her best ever gig was Ed Sheeran at V.

Steph is super-active; she loves to hit the gym and run. When she’s done running, she likes to binge on TV shows like Benidorm and Death in Paradise.

Steph in three words? Adaptable. Reliable. Essex.